UTOOL 18PCS Steering Hub Suspension Shock Absorber Strut Nut Removal Tool Socket Kit

The fourth generation Corvette was a radical departure from General Motors early Corvette engineering. It eliminated a perimeter frame to support the suspension and driveline. Two front frame rails integrated into the first ever Corvette uni-body construction. This made for an interesting driveline mounting installation. The front suspension subframe was bolted to the frame rails while providing engine mounting points. Although phosphate and zinc plate will last indefinitely on a garaged and trailered show car, in real street use it is a matter of time until rust takes hold, ruining the suspension detail. Coil springs integrated into struts can be replaced as part of the entire unit.

Please note: Any forks or shock that are sent in for Rebuild and Service that is beyond repair or customer elects for the component (s) not to be repaired; are subject to $25 disassembly fee plus shipping back to customer. The ball joint studs are removed with the same puller.

Ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, idler arm, pitman arm etc. Except independent coil springs are more cumbersome, as the tension is released from the spring while it is still in the car, instead of on the wall, or the bench. Suspension re-valved by JM Racing Kansas includes disassembly and inspection of all the internal and external fork and shock parts.

If coil springs are not completely understood, as well as safety measures for disassembly, a professional technician should complete the repair. This nut is not impossible to remove with conventional wrenches if you have a box-end that'll reach deep enough to allow you to hold the top of the rod from turning.

Make sure the spring's coil ends are positioned in their respective slots in the frame bucket and control arm. With this big-picture overview in mind, it's time to look at the three fundamental components of any suspension: springs, dampers and anti-sway bars.

Or if you prefer, we've got OTC's "Struttamer" Spring Compressor that's available by itself or with its own portable stand Both versions include an extra "bridge" bracket piece that allows further compression of springs that normally can't be compressed enough to loosen the top retaining nut.

The rear camber strut rod bushings wear the Suspension Disassembly most due to their thin strip of rubber that wraps around the inner sleeve. For this reason, Strutmasters has put together Mercury Cougar videos to educate you, the customer, about your vehicle's suspension before you buy.

You can now use the ball joint separator to separate the spindle from the lower control arm. The complete suspensions will be removed from its donor car. I removed the cotter pin and nut carefully, and used a ball joint puller to separate it from the knuckle.

If you don't want to rent or borrow these, you may have to remove the lower control arm and have the new joints pressed in at a machine shop. Remove the spring from the vehicle. Leaf springs were first used on horse-drawn carriages and were found on most American automobiles until 1985.

1951 Buick shock absorber calibrations as furnished in production, and as given in Chassis Suspension Specifications (par. The forks and shock are then re-assembled with all new bushings and seals, correct oil levels, nitrogen pressures, and the correct springs for your weight and riding style.

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